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When people look at your business, what do they see? Do they see signage that is fresh, clean, and well-made? What does your sign say about your business? Whatever your business is, we want to be your partner in signage and print. In fact, that’s our motto.

We have more than thirty years’ experience in the business, starting at a single factory in Smithfield. We have since grown to better serve our expanding roster of clients and partners and now operate in Parramatta, North Sydney, and the Sydney CBD to meet our growing demand.

If you’re a corporate client looking for someone who can handle a large-scale contract for a wide format printer, you’ve come to the right place. Global Signs’s manufacturing process involves the highest quality machines and materials, including Roland cutters, CNC routers, Seiko solvent machines, cast vinyls for computer cut graphics, and polymeric vinyls for digital prints. Our factories were recently refurbished with the latest tools, meaning we literally have the cutting edge in production and quality, giving us rapid turn-around times.

If you are a newer client who wants signage but is unsure of what to ask for, don’t worry! With our experience, we can make your ideas work. We aim to be not just another large format printer; we aim to be a partner. We are experts in our field and we know the process from beginning to end, from the conception of an idea, through manufacturing, to delivery – we’ve handled it all. We use our knowledge and experience in signage to drive your business. A business with no sign is a sign of no business, so whenever you’re thinking of signage think of us as your partner in signage and print.

A-Frame Signage Just the Tip of the Iceberg

So what kind of Sydney business signs can we help you with at Global Signs? Pardon the cliché, but the sky really is the limit. We can work with anything from out-front company signs (so your customers know where to go to find you) to massive building signs (so no one can miss your brand). If it involves signage or printing, chances are we offer it.

Some of our more popular products fall under the A-Frame signs category. A-frames are exactly what they sound like: two separate signs attached at the top, but stood up at a 45-degree angle. These signs use a classic load-bearing structure to present information to traffic going in opposite directions. They are often placed on sidewalks, or out in lobbies, to attract the most attention possible for a business.

As one of the top providers for A-frame signs in Sydney, Global Signs can help you design an A-frame that perfectly fits your needs. These signs are perfect for helping customers find parking or for otherwise directing them to your business, largely because they are portable and can be easily set up independently of other signage support to promote your business. Restaurants use these signs all the time to show off their menus or advertise specials, while other businesses use them to promote ‘grand openings’ to passersby. If you are looking for A-frames in Sydney, stop by the Global Signs website to see a few examples of what we’ve made in the past.

Don’t think an A-frame suits your corporate signage needs? Stop by our website anyway and look at what we have to offer. As one of the premier providers of business signs in Sydney, we guarantee we can help you design the signs you need to attract customer attention, build your brand and make a killer first impression.

The Advantages of Using A-Frame Signs to Advertise Your Business in Sydney, Parramatta or Smithfield

Whether you are looking to advertise a sale or promotion, direct customers to where they can find your business, announce a grand opening, promote an upcoming convention event or market virtually any other aspect of your business, A-Frame signs are the way to go. Also known as sidewalk signs—for how restaurants and other businesses use them for on-street marketing in downtown areas—A-Frames are a smart investment for any business.

At Global Signs, we offer A-Frame signs to clients in Parramatta, Smithfield and throughout the Sydney area. Here are four reasons why A-Frame signage might be a good option for your business—and why you should rely on Global Signs to design and manufacture your A-Frame concept.

The Top Four Reasons to Use A-Frame Signage to Market Your Business

  • Versatility: We have already addressed the versatility of A-Frame signs, but it’s worth repeating. When you invest in storefront signs, 3D signs or cut-out letter signs, you are probably looking for permanent signage that will announce your brand and business location to people driving or walking past. One of the great things about A-Frame signs is that they are versatile and suitable for virtually any purpose, from the more temporary (sales, promotions, ‘now hiring’ notices, etc.) to the more permanent (like directing customers to where they can find parking).
  • Affordability: At Global Signs, we market A-Frame signs as an inexpensive signage option to our clients and prospective clients throughout Sydney. Lightweight and easier to manufacture than some other types of signage, A-Frames are an excellent way to market your business on a budget. That’s not to say you don’t get a high-quality product, though; on the contrary, at Global Signs, we manufacture our A-Frames using a durable steel tube frame, a beautiful colour bond face and customisable shapes, sizes and styles.
  • Portability: Because of their lightweight, fold-up design, A-Frame signs are easy to move from point A to point B. Sometimes, that means taking a sign from your storefront and taking it to a convention center for an annual conference event. Other times, it means putting the sign in storage when you don’t have a promotion or sale running. Either way, the convenience of using A-Frame signs in Smithfield or Parramatta can’t be overstated.
  • Sales Potential: When people are walking down the street, they might not necessarily be looking up at your overhang or into your windows, but they will spot signs out on the sidewalk. As a result, if you need to get a message to your prospective customers and want to get it out there in the most clearly visible way possible, A-Frame signs are the best option. Some studies have even noted that, in high-traffic downtown areas, A-Frame signs can help boost sales and profit significantly.

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