Take Your Sydney Business Signs with You: Try Vehicle or Fleet Signage

What’s the most valuable type of signage for a business’s branding and marketing efforts? Some would say that the title belongs to your outdoor signs, to the signs you place out at the entrance of your business or your parking lot, and indeed, these signs are important: after all, they direct visitors to your business, and without them, no one would ever be able to find you. Other marketing experts would say that the most important signs are the ones you have in your lobby because they make a first impression on a customer that can be very hard to change if it’s negative.


At Global Signs, we see truth in both of those answers, but we’d like to offer up a third possible option to our Sydney customers: vehicle signage. After all, the goal of marketing and branding is to expose as many people as possible to your business name (as well as to the products and services your business has to offer). When your signage has become such a ubiquitous force that your logo or brand name has become iconic – even to people who aren’t your customers – only then has your branding and marketing truly succeeded on a grand scale. And that’s precisely what vehicle signs in Sydney can help you accomplish.


When you use vehicle signage in Sydney – usually on the side of a fleet of vans, but sometimes on cars or other vehicles as well – you have essentially bought yourself a moving business billboard. As the van or car moves about town, everyone who sees it is exposed to your brand. It doesn’t matter if that exposure comes in a traffic jam or a parking lot. The point is that it has happened and that your business will be able to reap the benefits of it later.


Shoot for the Stars While Using Fleet Signage in Sydney to Build Your Brand Recognition

The benefits of using fleet signage in Sydney are fairly obvious. When you’ve purchased a fleet of vans or trucks for your business, that’s a company asset. You can do with it whatever you want, and while these vehicles obviously have a primary role of transportation or delivery, they can also serve as mobile advertising and as aids for brand building. When you’ve already paid for a vehicular asset, you might as well use it to make some extra money, and you can do that by using it to generate leads and promote sales.


So what kind of fleet signs should you implement on your Sydney business vehicles? That’s entirely up to you. At Global Signs, we can do anything from simple text marketing (business names, phone numbers, addresses, etc.) to complex visual prints. Our advice is to shoot for the stars with your vision for your fleet signage. Almost everyone has a specific vision for what they want their marketing or branding campaigns to look like, but they often don’t voice those visions because they assume such custom work would be too complex or expensive. When it comes to vehicle signs at Global Signs, everything is custom, so bring us your ideas and we will do everything in our power to make it work. More often than not, you’ll get exactly what you wanted, and your fleet signs in Sydney will be all the more powerful because you stuck to your guns.