Make the Best Billboard Signs Possible with the Help of Global Signs and Our Event, Banner and Billboard Signwriting Teams in Inner West Sydney

What are the tenets of effective billboard advertising? If you are thinking about renting out a few billboard signs in the Inner West Sydney area and want to ensure that your designs can draw the attention you desire, you will probably find yourself asking these questions. Luckily, Global Signs can help.

Our signwriting experts in Inner West Sydney are willing to help. With 18 years of experience in the signage industry, we have helped countless brands reach new customers—whether by way of billboard advertising, banner signs, event signage or other marketing assets.

Three Elements of Strong Billboard Signage

There is no failproof recipe for an effective billboard sign. How well your billboard does in lead generation and customer conversion will depend on a long list of factors, ranging from design elements to location. However, the three elements listed below are things you should keep in mind as you start designing your billboard signs in Inner West Sydney.

  1. Use text sparingly: If you have a long 20-word message that you want to include on your billboard, reconsider. You should realise that most of the people who see your billboard are going to be driving by at high speeds. As a result, your audience members aren’t going to have time to read much text. The sweet spot for billboard advertising is six or seven words of text. Try to think of a message that you can convey with a limited number of words.
  2. Emphasise the visual elements: Billboards are big, bold advertising, meant for big, bold visuals. While you should use text sparingly because drivers don’t have time to read a bunch of words on a billboard, you should also de-emphasise text in favour of images, which are more likely to garner attention. Smart use of colour, design and arresting photos or graphics will help your billboard grab eyeballs and make impressions.
  3. Make it simple: The best billboards are exercises in simplicity. If your billboard is sending its message via a text headline, make the headline simple and straightforward. Don’t be too clever. Write something that everyone can understand right away. If your billboard is mostly grounded in visuals, put the focus on one image rather than peppering the billboard with many images. Your audience should be able to understand and internalise your billboard’s message after one drive-by. A complex or ‘busy’ looking billboard is going to require more views to deliver its message, which means that it isn’t as effective in reaching potential customers and encouraging responses.

Get Help with Your Billboard, Banner or Event Signs in Inner West Sydney

At Global Signs, we can help you consider the three tips above when developing your billboard advertisement. Similar advice applies to banner signs, event signage or other types of ads that are supposed to make quick impressions on people who are walking or driving past. Our signwriting teams know and understand the tenets of these signage categories well and can help you create simple, striking and direct signs that accomplish their goals. To learn more about billboard signs, event signs or banner signs in Inner West Sydney, call Global Signs on 02 8677 1995.