Does Your Company Need a Rebrand? Call the Signwriters at Global Signs for Your Banner, Billboard, Event, and Business Signage Needs in the Western Suburbs of Sydney

Maybe you feel your company’s current branding materials aren’t sending the message you want or reaching your target audience the way you want them to. Alternatively, maybe your company has just grown and evolved, and your original visual style is becoming somewhat stale. However, if you decide to do a rebrand, simply getting a new logo, updating your letterhead and paying for a new website design aren’t enough. You also should invest in some new signage.

Why Signage Updates Can’t Wait

From banner signage outside your Western Suburbs Sydney business location to the billboards you have dotted along regional highways, your signage is a pronounced extension of your brand. To have signage that is out of sync with your company’s new branding style is potentially disastrous, for multiple reasons.

First, the purpose of almost any type of corporate or business sign is to build brand identity, visibility, and recall. If you have an event sign or a billboard that boasts your old logo, slogan, colour scheme or branding style, that marketing asset is going to detract from your brand more than anything else.

Customers blend visuals and words into one overarching perception of your brand. As a result, if you have one logo and visual style represented on your website or social pages and another completely different logo and visual style represented on your signage, customers will start wondering if there are two different companies with the same name. Hiring a company to update your billboard signage or event signage in the Western Suburbs of Sydney will help clear up this potential confusion.

Furthermore, even if customers do realise that your company has two different branding styles, the lack of consistency isn’t likely to do you any favours. Brand consistency sends a message of professionalism. When you unveil a new branding style and successfully synchronise all your marketing assets, so they switch over to the new style simultaneously, that is going to tell customers that you are on top of things. When your website gets the brand update one day, your building sign gets the update a week later, and your billboard signage in the Western Suburbs of Sydney retains the old style for months, it will shatter the impression of professionalism. Customers can perceive your brand as sloppy and disorganised and will be less likely to give you their business.

Hire the Right Signwriters in Western Suburbs Sydney

Whether you need new building signage, billboard signage, event signage or banner signage in Western Suburbs Sydney, Global Signs is the right company for the job. Our designers can even help you with the very first steps of your rebrand, collaborating with your team to choose a logo, select a colour scheme and agree on a messaging approach that will work well for your business. From there, we can design and manufacture the types of signs that will give your brand the professional sheen it deserves.

To get started, call Global Signs on 02 8677 1995 (for our Sydney CBD and Parramatta locations) or 02 9729 0139 (for our Smithfield office).