Sydney-Based Company Offers Perspex Signs and Acrylic Signage to Business Clients

At Global Signs, our motto or slogan has always been ‘Your Partner in Signage & Print.’ We don’t want our relationships with our clients to be like those that traditionally exist between a vendor and a customer. Instead, we always enter into our client relationships like they are partnerships, projects of teamwork between colleagues who trust one another and who work together toward one common goal. Ever since we first opened our doors in 2007, we have been operating with this system, and we are completely honest when we say that it has never let us down once.


Part of this teamwork ideal that we have built our business around is the promise we make to our customers that we will never give anything less than 100 percent of ourselves to their signage project, and a part of that promise is that we only use the best materials in our work. This is why we are one of the go-to providers of Perspex signs or acrylic signage in Sydney – because these materials are the best signage materials on the market.


When you set out to find acrylic signs in Sydney, you are looking for signs built of a durable and reliable thermoplastic compound. Acrylic signage is popular – both in Sydney and virtually everywhere else in the world – for numerous reasons. First of all, it is lightweight, easy to handle and print on and inexpensive. All of these properties, especially when coupled with the fact that acrylic materials are shatterproof, make acrylic signs perfect for interior signs like A-frames.


When you look for Perspex signage in Sydney, however, you are looking for a specific brand of acrylic thermoplastic for your business signs. There is a reason that Perspex is popular: as you will learn if you ever visit the brand website, Perspex developed the first acrylic thermoplastic sheets all the way back in the 1930s in the United Kingdom.


Since then, as acrylic thermoplastic has become a standard for sign making, Perspex has only grown in popularity, and is still considered the ‘best choice’ brand when it comes to using acrylic plastics. Perspex signs are popular for their wide range of colour options (not to mention their variety of available textures and finishes), and Global Signs is one of the premier dealers for Perspex signs in Sydney.


Acrylic Signs Are Just the Beginning of the Global Signs Product Line

While Perspex acrylic signage is one of the main draws to Global Signs for many customers, it is certainly not the extent of the company’s product offerings. We do use Perspex for some of our signs – and trust us when we say that the selection of colours and textures will satisfy your needs, no matter what they are. However, we also help businesses with banners, 3D letter signs and even window, car and building printing options. Regardless of the service you choose to use with us, though, you can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to make you a full partner in the process and that you get only the best materials and the best signs in all of Sydney.