Producing Signage in Bulk? Choose Corflute Signs from Global Signs in Parramatta, Smithfield or Sydney!

If you have a bulk signage order coming up but are trying to keep your business within a modest budget, Corflute signs are a terrific option worthy of consideration. Because they are made of plastic, Corflute signs are more affordable than most other signage solutions you will come across in the Sydney area. However, with the right designer and manufacturer, you will still get a beautifully finished product.

What Is Corflute Signage?

Corflute is a trade name for corrugated plastic. It is an ideal material for low-cost signage for numerous reasons. Here are a couple of the explanations for why a business might choose Corflute signs for advertising in Smithfield or Parramatta:

  • Customisability: Because Corflute is so economical to manufacture and so easy to cut, Corflute signs can be designed, printed and made with very few overheads. As a result, when your business comes to Global Signs looking for Corflute signs in the Sydney area, we can offer affordable and flexible customisability options. With custom sizes available and standard sizes easily cut from our default sheet size of 2440x1220mm, Global Signs is capable of providing Corflute signage of virtually any shape or size.
  • Tough: For such a lightweight and inexpensive material, you might expect Corflute to be flimsy or low-quality, but that isn't the case. On the contrary, Corflute is surprisingly robust. In fact, Corflute signs are often a go-to option for outdoor signage (parking signs, real estate signs, yard signs, etc.), simply because they can take abuse from the elements without requiring a hefty investment. The toughness extends to the printing job that Global Signs will do to turn a slab of Corflute into an attractive sign for your business. No matter how heavy the rain or how intense the heat, the visual and text of your sign won't bleed, fade or wash away.

These factors, combined with the affordability of corrugated plastic, make Corflute signs a popular choice among our clients and customers at Global Signs. The price as relative to the quality is ideal for bulk printing jobs while some businesses looking to cut costs will opt for Corflute signs rather than more expensive aluminium or colour bond signs.

Learn More about General Signs and Our Corflute Signs in Parramatta and Smithfield

If you are considering Corflute signs as an option for your business's outdoor signage needs and are looking for a company that designs and manufactures Corflute signs in Sydney, Parramatta or Smithfield, we hope you will give us a call at Global Signs. With 16 years of experience in the signage industry and a growing brand, we can provide you with the advice you need to decide whether or not Corflute is the best option for your signage needs. If you choose to work with Global Signs, you can count on us to provide you with the choicest materials and the highest quality print work in the industry—regardless of the signage type you choose.

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