Wide Format Printing in Sydney: Global Signs Handles Corflute Signage and Other Large Sign Projects

If you’ve been looking for wide format printing or large format printing in Sydney for your corporate or office signage needs, look no further: we at Global Signs have been working with business partners, both large and small, ever since 2007. In that time we have created a slew of different sign types, from outdoor aluminium signs to indoor thermoplastic signs, and from banners to A-frames. Our people have been in the printing and signage industry for 16 years, and we parlay that experience everyday into the best sign making and wide format printing services you will find in Sydney.


One of the many sign types that we excel in is that of corflute signage. For those unfamiliar with the material, ‘corflute’ is really just a fancy nickname or trade term for corrugated plastic. Corrugated plastic, in turn, has a slew of different applications and uses that businesses in need of signage will love. When you decide to work with Global Signs on corflute signs in Sydney, we will bring the sheer versatility of this material to your fingertips. Just a few applications that our corflute signs have been used for include real estate signage, directional signage or even signs for assuring construction site safety.


Regardless of what you decide to do with your corflute signage, a few things will be guaranteed. First of all, corflute is one of the most cost-effective materials we use at Global Signs, making corflute signage in Sydney a more affordable option than aluminium, thermoplastic or other materials. We also have standard sizing guidelines that you can use to make sure your sign design fits our corflute – and our large format printing systems – perfectly (though we can also handle custom sizes if your sign is an unorthodox shape).


Large Format Printing Opens up Options for Corporate Signage

Whether you decide to go with corflute for your business’s signage or some completely different material, the best thing about Global Signs is that we always work our hardest to make sure that your vision for marketing and branding is realised. Our core motto is ‘Your Partner in Signage & Print,’ and we observe that every day be being as flexible and versatile as possible in everything we do.


One aid to that flexibility and versatility is wide format printing, which makes it possible for us to print virtually any design in any shape or size. Not only do we offer custom print sizes for your corflute signage needs, but we also provide customisation options for every product or service we offer. Do you want to wrap your business vehicles in complex and colourful designs so that they can serve as mobile marketing hubs? We can do that. Do you want the walls of your corporate hallways to be littered with brand-specific designs and text? We can do that. When it comes to professional and innovative signage in Sydney, Global Signs is at the pinnacle, and it’s because we constantly treat our clients like our partners rather than as lowly customers.


Want to see what Global Signs can bring your business? Call, visit our website or stop by our showroom today!