How do the Top Brands Design Commercial Signs? Sydney, Parramatta, and Smithfield Shops Can Learn from the Best

A well-designed sign or logo has a certain appeal that can stay with you for ages. Just think of brands like Coca-Cola, the sign for the London Underground, or even the sign for your favourite place to shop. Your own shop can benefit from a little bit of planning and a great sign that does more than just state who you are and what it is that you do.

So when you’re looking for commercial signs in Sydney, Parramatta, and Smithfield, you can gain advantage by thinking outside the box and doing a little bit more with high-quality signage that sums up your brand image with pictures, colours, and typography that helps to sell your vision. Here are some tips from the experts that can help you come up with a fantastic sign for your shop.

Creating Incredible Commercial Signs in Smithfield, Parramatta, and Sydney

You have a lot to say. However, usually less is more when it comes to your signs. Keep your signs simple. While you may be tempted to use overly elaborate typography or vibrant colours, it is typically better to be clear and concise with your signage. Readable fonts and simple, contrasting colours that are easy on the eyes make for signs that your customers will be able to interpret at a glance, and that will, therefore, be that much more memorable.

For the most part, commercial signs in Parramatta, Sydney, and Smithfield such as shop front signs will be fairly simple and will contain little more information than your shop’s name or logo. However, other shop signs, such as banners or wall decals, will provide more information. That doesn’t mean that you should pack them full of information, though. You should still pick and choose the information that you wish to convey through these signs.

One advantage of using signage such as A-frames and banners that are more temporary is that you can change them out as needed to advertise sales, special promotions, and other events as they arise. This can be a big advantage, as they’ll allow you to focus on the information that’s most relevant to you – and to your customers – at any given moment throughout the year.

Finally, remember that one of the ways the top brands have made their signage and logos so memorable is through simple repetition. By using your brand’s signage throughout your shop – and even on your work fleet through the use of vehicle graphics – you can quickly and simply associate your logo and colours with your brand. That way, you’ll never miss out on an opportunity to market yourself to your customers.

Finding Quality Commercial Signs in Sydney, Parramatta, Smithfield, and Beyond

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