Aluminium Signage and 3D Signs Among Outdoor Sign Options Offered by Global Signs in Sydney

There’s a lot to be said for what interior signs can do for a business. From signs that direct customers to where to go in your building to a lobby sign that announces your business or brand in a bold, welcoming way, interior signs make a first impression for your business that can have a huge impact on customer satisfaction. However, if interior signs make the ‘first impression’ for your business, then it is your outdoor signage that lays the groundwork for those impressions. Without outdoor signage, your customers won’t know where to go to get to your business (and by connection, to get a glimpse at your indoor signage), and as a result, you outdoor signs need to be every bit as distinctive and professional as your indoor ones.


That’s where Global Signs come into the equation. We help businesses with their outdoor signage needs by offering services involving stuff like aluminium signs and 3D signage so Sydney offices, stores, corporations and other enterprises. 3D signs and aluminium signage are among the most popular options available for making a good outdoor impression, and at Global Signs, we like to wager that you will be satisfied by either or both options.


3D and Aluminium Signs: What They Are and Why You Want Them

So what exactly are these signage options, and why should you consider them for your business?


Let’s start with aluminium signs. Most often, we use aluminium signage outdoors for building signs. When you want something more durable than a vinyl banner and more timeless than a thermoplastic sign, a composite aluminium panel sign can be a great alternative. The metallic sheen is especially attractive to many businesses, but don’t worry: we can still meld it to your visual needs just like we can with plastic or vinyl signs. Aluminium signs can also be used indoors, but they are most popular outdoors for their durability and longevity. If you are looking for aluminium signs in Sydney, call Global Signs today.


Now that you have a good idea of what aluminium signage can bring to your business, let’s turn our attention to 3D signage. There’s something about signs with dimension that makes them look more professional. Raised lettering on a sign can make your brand name pop, and can subconsciously convince customers that you spent more time and money on your signs than companies using flat signs. Because of this subconscious line, using 3D signs for your Sydney company’s main outdoor sign – in other words, the sign they see right as they pull into your driveway or parking lot – can instantly put you way out in the lead as far as impressions are concerned.


As you can see, there are many reasons why 3D and aluminium signs can help to immediately establish your business as an entity that customers can trust and respect. So if you are tired of a ratty old sign blowing up your chance of impressing customers, call Global Signs today and get going on a design for 3D or aluminium signage in Sydney.